The Conservative Solution for Southern Illinois Families

The Conservative Solution for Southern Illinois Families

Blaine is not a career politician. As a job creator himself, he knows how the Springfield politicians have failed us. He is running for office to fight Mike Madigan and his special interests, liberal Chicago values, and anti-reform agenda. Blaine will always put Southern Illinois families first.

  • Repeal the 32% Madigan tax increase
  • Rein in government spending
    and balance the budget
  • Stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Replace Madigan by enacting term limits
  • Reduce taxes and empower businesses
    to create jobs
  • Fight for the life of the unborn

About Blaine

Blaine Wilhour was raised on a family farm in rural Altamont, the fourth of six children. Growing up, he learned the value of hard work while helping tend to his families small hog operation each morning before school. He is a graduate of St. Elmo High School, and proudly served in the Army National Guard as an Intelligence Analyst. In more recent years, Blaine was a member of the Fayette County Board.

In 2006, he married his wife, Amber, and together they have 3 highly energetic boys: Nolan, Jonah, and Raylan. Blaine believes that raising his boys as a Christian example is the most important duty in his life. Blaine partners with his dad and brothers on their family farm, and is one of 2 managing partners with Longhorn Buildings, LLC, their family owned construction business.


  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Illinois Family Institute
  • Illinois Federation for Right to Life
  • Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman
  • Fayette County Sheriff Chris Smith
  • Former Fayette County Sheriff Harold Johnson
  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Fayette County States Attorney Josh Morrison
  • Chicago Tribune Editorial Board


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