The Conservative Solution for Southern Illinois Families

The Conservative Solution for Southern Illinois Families

Blaine is not a career politician. As a job creator himself, he knows how the Springfield politicians have failed us. He is running for re-election to fight for our conservative values. He’s taking on the special interest groups from Chicago and the Springfield swamp who want to stifle growth in Illinois. Blaine will always put Southern Illinois families first.

Blaine Wilhour has fought to:

  • Cut taxes, including the Gas Tax
  • Reduce Regulations on Small Businesses
  • Preserve Parental Rights while fighting against Pritzker’s mandates
  • Fund our Police and stop efforts to allow non-Citizens to become Police Officers
  • Oppose taxpayer funded abortions and protect the sanctity of life
  • Stop IEA efforts to push woke, radical ideology in our schools

Meet Blaine Wilhour…

Blaine was born and raised in rural Fayette County, Illinois on his family farm. He is a graduate of St. Elmo High School. He served in the Illinois Army National Guard from 1999-2005 as an Intelligence Analyst. In 2002, he deployed to Europe in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Blaine works with his hands running his construction business and understands how to stretch a dollar to make ends meet. He was elected State Representative in 2018. Blaine and his wife Amber raise their three sons in rural Fayette County.


  • Illinois Farm Bureau Activator
  • Darren Bailey
  • Congresswoman Mary Miller
  • Illinois Freedom Caucus


For more information or to get involved.

Blaine Wilhour • P.O. Box 172 • Beecher City IL 62414